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FINE PRINTS PHOTO will be taking Nutcracker pictures for those who wish to purchase photos on Saturday, December 12. Order envelopes may be picked up at Thomas School of Dance beginning Tuesday, November 3. Please notify Jane if you wish to have pictures taken so a schedule can be developed. THERE WILL BE A COMPANY PHOTO TAKEN AT 3:00PM

ORDER FORMS for DVDs can be returned to Bangor Ballet or directly to FinePrints Photo.

See auditions page for details of  December 13 for auditions for Sleeping Beauty. 


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20 at Gracie Theatre

4:30   Dancers' Call

5:00 - 7:30  Tech rehearsal with dancers


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 at Gracie Theatre

3:30   Selected dancers as needed

5:00   Dancers' Call



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22 at Gracie Theatre

1:30   Selected dancers as needed

2:30   Dancers' Call



FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 at Downeast School

9:00               Velstara, Jenny, Evie

12:00   Dancers' Call (ACT II Only)

12:15 - 1:15   Run-through Act II

1:30 - 2:30   Performance of Act II Followed by Q&A


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6 at Bucksport Performing Arts Center

12:30   Selected dancers as needed

1:00    Dancers' Call

1:30 - 3:00  Run-Through


5:30   Cast Party





Clara: Sophie Kahn   Understudies: Emma Syphers and River Felcman

Mother: Emma Foster    Understudy: Jennifer Colavito

Nutcracker: Josie Swoboda

Mouse King: Heinrick Snyder

Mice: Renee Amado, Sophia Wirta, Eliana Seburn, Hanna Sabbagh, Jenna Eldridge, Priscilla King

Soldiers: Olivia McKenna-Stevens with Connor Plante, Andrew Stewart, Reilly Moore, Katie Cramm, Morgan Ramsay, Grace Wallace, Hannah Richardson, Bella Moore     Understudies: Emma Syphers and River Felcman

Snow Queen: Genevieve Wakeman OR Iris Lee     Understudy: Abbigail Blanchard

Snow Flakes: Emma Foster, Haley Gould, Jennifer Colavito, Velstara Vardamis, Elise Dudley, Anna MacDonald, Taylor Williams, Abbigail Blanchard, Iris Lee, Evie Wakeman


Tooth Fairy: Abbigail Blanchard OR  Anna MacDoald

Sugarplum and Cavalier: Velstara Vardamis and Zach Williams      Understudy to Sugarplum: Nicole Petersen

4 Baby Teeth: Emma Syphers, River Felcman, Bella Mooore and Amelia Morgan OR Adelaide Morgan 

Cavalier: Zach Williams

Dewdrop: Iris Lee OR Genevieve Wakeman     Understudies: Elise Dudley 

Flower Soloists: Elise Dudley and Jennifer Colavito OR Emma Foster and Haley Gould

Flowers: (Anna MacDonald, Sophia WIrta, Hanna Sabbagh, Genevieve Wakeman, Emma Foster, Haley Gould) OR (Anna MacDonald, Sophia Wirta, Hanna Sabbagh, Elise Dudley) Understudy: Jenna Eldridge

Tea Soloists: Taylor WIlliams and Eliana Seburn with Heinrick Snyder

Tea Corps: Renee Amado, Jenna Eldridge, Grace Wallace, Morgan Ramsay, Priscilla King or Josie Swoboda

Sugarplum: Velstara Vardamis    Understudy: Nicole Petersen

Coffee Jennifer Colavito OR Iris Lee with Zach Williams       Understudy: Taylor WIlliams

Coffee Attendants: Hannah Richardson and Morgan Ramsay

Madame Ginger: Nicole Petersen OR Elise Dudley

Ring Master: Heinrick Snyder

Ginger Corps: Connor Plante, Andrew Stewart, Reilly Moore, Olivia McKenna-Stevens, Josie Swoboda, Grace Wallace, Katie Cramm, Jenna Eldridge, Priscilla King    Understudy: Bella Moore

Chocolate: (Sophia Wirta, Hanna Sabbagh, Anna MacDonald, Taylor Williams) OR (Abbigail Blanchard, Anna MacDonald, Eliana Seburn, Taylor Williams)

Mirlitons (Paper Dolls): iris Lee and Abbigail Blanchard OR Sophia Wirta and Hanna Sabbagh   Understudy: Eliana Seburn

Candy Canes: Nicole Petersen OR Genevieve Wakeman with Haley Gould, Emma Foster, Jennifer Colavito   Understudy: Taylor Williams

Pas de Deux: Velstara Vardamis and Zach Williams    Understudy: Nicole Petersen

Finale: Full Cast